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Many Different Things (Diary Post)

There have been many golden days lately, with a soul-stirring dry wind and high blue skies. The nights are clear and starry with Vega and Cygnus flying high above when I come home at night. There are still crickets chirping, … Continue reading

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Feeling Better

I’m feeling a little better, although I seem to have lost my passion for ballet at the moment. I still go to class and work hard, but all I see are faults and things I can’t do and no progress. … Continue reading

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I’m stuck. I’m stuck in every way: in ballet, in weight loss, in relationships, at work. But most of all I’m stuck in my mind, I am unhappy and constantly worrying and my confidence is gone. I talked to Mrs. … Continue reading

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Brain vs. Brain

After Easter, where I ate a LOT of food, I have tried to get back to dieting. It is always hardest after a break because there is a weight gain, which is the most discouraging feeling, and because of cravings. … Continue reading

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