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New Understanding Of Love

Since Tom’s birthday, I have felt a fresh wave of love for him. When I say love now, there are many different aspects I feel. There is gratitude (for every little thing about his presence and existence and the way … Continue reading

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Always Two Parts

I’m not sure how I am feeling these days. Not depressed any more, at least. Not very happy or confident or conscious, either. But I have almost no trouble with eating, which is a good indicator that nothing is seriously … Continue reading

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Tom And Work Converging

I had imagined Tom would want to spend every possible second with me as well, and maybe pick me up from work or time his arrival with my own. But he said he would come an hour after I finished … Continue reading

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Last Weekend (With Tom)

I had eaten and showered and was dressed nicely, wearing a little lipstick, sitting by the window where I would see Tom walk by. I was writing a few last words when I saw him, but he wasn’t looking up … Continue reading

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