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Even More In Love

I need to write about last Monday night with Tom. It was special. The last few times he had visited, I had felt a little insecure with Tom and wondered if he really loved me and why. But last night was … Continue reading

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Always Two Parts

I’m not sure how I am feeling these days. Not depressed any more, at least. Not very happy or confident or conscious, either. But I have almost no trouble with eating, which is a good indicator that nothing is seriously … Continue reading

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‘Rehearsal Date’, etc.

For the sixth of December, I have planned to bake ‘bread men’ (it’s a tradition here) and have thought about inviting Tom for the afternoon, even before the ‘big question’. I asked him on his birthday, at dinner before the … Continue reading

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So, It’s Been A Week Now

Monday: Tom and I keep writing to each other and telling each other how happy we are and how much we appreciate each other and revealing little things, for example that he sings more when he’s alone, and I can’t … Continue reading

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