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Manon and Unexpected Beauty

The weather is stormy this morning. The wind stirs up my soul. I want to go ouside and feel it on my skin. I want music. Melina and I went to see the live screening of Manon from the Royal … Continue reading

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Many Different Things (Diary Post)

There have been many golden days lately, with a soul-stirring dry wind and high blue skies. The nights are clear and starry with Vega and Cygnus flying high above when I come home at night. There are still crickets chirping, … Continue reading

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I dreamed that I was sitting in the bathtub, opposite… myself. I could span my other self’s waist with two hands, and when I tried it on myself, it was just the same. This fact convinced me that my opposite … Continue reading

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Ramblings: (E)Motion, Music, Love

Last Tuesday, after class with Mandy, we had a little celebration. Everybody brought some food and we sat around a table under a tree and drank some of Mandy’s old Champagne (which was hardly fit to drink anymore, but produced … Continue reading

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